Neos Overshoes About Us

About is the Neos Overshoe specialist.

We stock the complete Neos product line, and due to our volume are able to offer discounted prices.

We are a small company and strive for excellent customer support.

We have been selling Neos Overshoes since 1997.

Neos Overshoes is the only product we sell and we do it best!

Security !

Were are very concerned about protecting your personal information and privacy, and follow the procedures outlined below.

We will not sell( or give) your name and contact information to any organization.

We will never send you emails other then to confirm your order or in case of questions relating to your order.

Our shopping cart uses the best available ( 2048 Bits) SSL security. When you get to the check-out process you will see the address bar change from http:// to https, and you will see the yellow padlock indicating that security / encryption is now enabled. When you click on the yellow padlock you can view our cert information.

We will not store your credit card information.